photo of Bipolar Feminin (c) Katie Aileen Dempsey
Bipolar Feminin (c) Katie Aileen Dempsey

The Viennese band BIPOLAR FEMININ released their debut EP “Piccolo Family” on Numavi Records on April 1st. The (self-described) indie, pop & punk band has been playing together for a couple of years already, during this gig-tested period, the six songs of the EP were created, as well.

The name of the EP, “Piccolo Family”, came from a misunderstanding of the band’s name, but the band itself makes itself unmistakable lyrically. This is guitar music that can’t just be sung along to on a whim – all of the EP’s choruses position themselves sometimes more symbolically, sometimes more directly, against patriarchy, toxic body images and encroaching behavior.

Video: Bipolar Feminin – Fett (official)

Musically, the band describes the album as an outlet for pent-up emotions, and the songs are correspondingly broad: Singer-songwriter-heavy, slow, screamed “or even a form of pop”. Singing about a public transport line is always a possibility, and as such, Bipolar Feminin starts the EP right away with the infamous Viennese bus line “the 13A” and brings out towards the end, with the track “Fett”, one of the highlights of the EP. Moreover, “Alles niederbrennen außer Kalorien” [“Burn down everything but calories] – the excellent body-acceptance song – pops up along the way.

Front-woman Leni Ulrich, as well as Jakob Brejcha on guitar, Samuel Reisenbichler on drums and Max Ulrich on bass, can be seen live throughout Austria over the next few months – the perfect way to experience the Piccolo Family.

Samuel Obernosterer

Concert Dates:

Fr 4/15  Ann and Pat, Linz
Sa 4/16 Piccolo Family EP-Release-Show, Kramladen Wien
Sa 5/21 Rhiz,Wien
Fr. 8/19 Klangfestival, Gallneukirchen
Sa 8/27 Fuzzstock, Wolfsberg
Sa 9/3 / Su 9/4 Volksstimmefest, Wien
Fr 11/4 Support für Dives, Arge Salzburg

Translated from the German original by Arianna Alfreds.