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inJazz Festival © inJazz Festival
inJazz Festival © inJazz Festival

Each year, inJazz festival and conference transforms the city of Rotterdam into the European capital of jazz with inviting music professionals and jazz lovers from all over the world. Holland’s celebrated showcase, conference and network event will make Rotterdam the place to be on June 28 and 29.

At the inJazz conference (Friday, 29th June 2018), international jazz and world music professionals come together sharing their knowledge and experience. In 2018 the conference is looking south with a focus on Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Austria will be present with an expert panel on “Jazz in Austria”, guest speaker Martina Laab at “Experts on Export” and – last but not least – the Austrian jazz formation Woody Black 4 and the experimental jazz/pop duo Exit Universe. Meet professionals from the Austrian jazz business and enjoy the concert of the bass clarinet quartet.

inJazz FesTIVAL & Conference
June 28 + 29, 2018

WOODY BLACK 4, June 28, 21:30-22:10, Kantine Walhalla Club
EIXIT UNIVERSE, June 29, 22:50-23:30, Kantine Walhalla Club

Jazz in Austria, June 29, 14:00-15:00
Experts on Export, June 29, 16:00-17:00


The quartet Woody Black 4 is following a rather unusual musical path. The instrumentation, with four clarinets, is already out of the ordinary. The varied language of jazz serves as their foundation, but they combine that with distant musical lands, from contemporary music to pop. But no matter the mix, the sound of this quartet always remains warm, mellow and pure. That doesn’t mean it’s always smooth, though. Because this collection of clarinet virtuosos enjoy the experimental, flirt with the avant-garde, and sometimes wander into the dissonant. The quartet understands perfectly how to create an independent pulsating sound, a sound that knows how to grab from the very first second.


Exit Universe‘s music combines a unique sound, great songwriting, imagination, and feeling in an immensely appealing way. On their debut album “Because the world is round” they perform songs that grab you from the very first second and won’t leave you cold. Every note, every melody, every vocal line, every electronic beat is staged in a varied and, above all, dense atmosphere. Susana Sawoff and Raphael Meinhart alternate great gestures with gripping moments of calm, delicate passages grow inexorably into tense wide arcs, light and heavy notes dance electrifyingly, and that outside the traditional song structures.

INJAZZ Conference, June 29

Panel: Jazz in Austria (14:00-15:00)
Can we speak of one “Austrian jazz scene” or do things differ from valley to valley? Is it conservative or is it open to the world? How does one tour a country that is stretched across the Alps? How does the legacy of Vienna’s musical past influence today’s musical progressives and improvisers?
In this panel, professionals from the Austrian jazz business will reflect on chances, changes and challenges in their own territory and in the rest of Europe.

Panel: Experts on Export (16:00-17:00)
Who are the key figures? Which trade fair is not to be missed? And what about subsidies and grants for music export? The panel “Experts on Export” offers tricks and tips for anyone who wants to cross the border with more than a passport and a musical instrument. For those who want to make a difference between touring and tourism.

  • Mark Alban Lotz (artist/programmer/teacher, NL)
  • Martina Laab (IG World Music Austria/Salam Orient, AT)
  • Jan Sprengers (Head of programming & international department Performing Arts Fund, NL)
  • Jerome Williams (Earthbeat Agency, NL)
  • Moderator: Mijke van Wijk (jazz journalist, NL)

Full Conference Programme: timetable

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