New Website, New Design

Austrian Music Export New Website_ c_Doris_Brady

Austrian Music Export has a new website! Austrian Music Export presents Austrian music to an international audience in a contemporary design and provides the most relevant information for all those involved in the music business.

Under “news” readers will always find a good selection of current articles – from up and coming local acts just starting out internationally, relevant showcase festivals, announcements and competitions, to innovations in the music industry. Austrian Music Export addresses professional local musicians as well as international music professionals and music journalists.

Service & Information

The “Service & Information” section provides useful information on all funding opportunities, answers the most important questions about showcase festivals (showcasing) and provides an overview of the international and domestic music market. In short, the entire service area of Austrian Music Export is clearly presented here. “Useful Contacts” provides the most important contacts for all those who want to get in contact with the Austrian music industry.

Service & Information (c) Austrian Music Export

Artists & Artists on Tour

Screenshot (c) Austrian Music ExportThe “Artists” section is new and contains the most relevant information about the musicians. In addition to a band biography, the user can find links to all “Related Articles” and the next concert dates thanks to intelligent keywording. The info box provides all important contact data for the respective artist: From label, booking and management to the band website, social media and YouTube channel, Austrian Music Export has collected everything. The tour calendar (live) and our international newsletter have also been completely reprogrammed.

Austrian Music Export is busy on many channels. The design of the new website was programmed with cross-platform compatibility in mind. Embedded playlists, photos, audio and video links make the online offerings of Austrian Music Export even more comprehensive. The focus was on high quality and a strong focus on browser compatibility and short loading times.

In this sense, stay up to date and see for yourself!