Despite the existing potential, there are only a few local musicians and bands that make the jump to international success. It takes something really special and extraordinary to arouse enthusiasm among music fans outside of Austria. A group that has met all … read more »

5/8erl in Ehr`n – "Bitte schön"

“Bitte schön“ (Label: Viennese Soulfood Records) is the title of the new album by the Viennese formation 5/8erl in Ehr`n and impressively proves the possibilities of traditional Viennese song writing. Like their first album, “Es muss was wunderbares sein“ released in 2008, … read more »

Patrick Pulsinger – "Impassive Skies"

On his fourth album “Impassive Skies” (Label: DISKO B/Trost), the Austrian producer and electronic musician Patrick Pulsinger rediscovers the old-school dance floor. Eight years after his last release “Easy to Assemble. Hard to Take Apart. The Album”, he surprises once again with … read more »


Sound Park Austria will be premiered on 18 May at The Forge, Camden. This new event series was initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum London, aiming to stimulate the creative exchange between Austrian and British musicians whose repertoire encompasses music outside the … read more »

Portrait Katharina Klement

Katharina Klement is an Austrian composer, pianist and improviser who has earned her reputation as an active personality in the pulse of the independent new music and experimental scene in Vienna and abroad.  She has a wealth of instrumental and electronic compositions, … read more »