Waves Vienna Focus Countries 2019: Hungary and Sweden

BUSH (c) Budapest Showcase Hub
BUSH (c) Budapest Showcase Hub

Sweden and Hungary are this year´s focus countries at the Waves Vienna Music Festival & Conference. We are looking forward to welcome the foreign delegations and to exchange knowledge. Waves Vienna 2019 will provide a focus on artists from these countries in the live program and devote a part of its program to the respective music markets and scenes. Waves Vienna Music Festival & Conference 2019 takes place from September 26 -28. 

The Waves Vienna Music Conference will  devote a part of its program to the respective music markets and scenes of the two focus countries Sweden and Hungary. We are more than happy to experience the latest and most promising acts live at Waves Vienna and to get the chance for an exchange with important Swedish music professionals and discuss the formula of success of Swedish pop music. A lot of representatives of the Hungarian music business have already been much respected guests at Waves Vienna. This year’s focus opens the opportunity to strengthen this relationship and get to know the music scene of our neighbours even better. According to this year´s focus countries we introduce our partner festivals Bush – Budapest Showcase Hub (HU) and Viva Sounds (SW).

Bush – Budapest Showcase Hub (HU) & Viva Sounds (SW)


BUSH – Budapest Showcase Hub is a music showcase event and conference focusing on the Eastern European region taking place for the third time. The goal of the creators is to offer a regional Eastern European music experience that will lead to better regional self-recognition opportunities. In their words it is all about: Gathering, learning, playing. Showcasing artists are selected by music professionals from the region.

Bush – Budapest Showcase Hub is taking place from November 13-15, 2019
Further information: Bush – Budapest Showcase Hub

Daniel Somló, who is responsible for bookings and bands at BUSH, is looking forward to collaborate:

“We’re super excited to welcome our neighbours from Austria this year at BUSH. We hopefully open up new opportunities and make new connections between an important gatekeeper country to the so called Western part of Europe and between the entire Central-Eastern European region.”

VIVA SOUNDS is a club festival and an intimate music conference in Gothenburg. The conference will be inspiring and educational with amazing networking opportunities and the live program at multiple venues around town. Viva Sounds is operated by Westside Music Sweden. Westside Music Sweden is a new company working with music businesses and artists from Gothenburg and around.

Viva Sound takes place from December 6-7, 2019
Further information: Viva Sounds 

We spoke to the festival´s director Mattias Tell:

What is Viva Sounds all about? Something, one should not miss to see in December 2019?

Mattias Tell: Viva Sounds is our three year old event, a club festival spread out over seven venues and with an intimate conference knitted into it. We tried it out 2017 under a slightly different and really bad name that nobody got, so last year we kept Viva and added Sounds, and things went pretty well. This year we’re powered by some great partnerships and we plan to take a few more steps, but keeping our focus on being network friendly and with a nice and relaxed vibe. This is Gothenburg, nothing too fancy would work here anyway.

How about music business and the festival market in Sweden in general? Do you notice any tendencies?

Mattias Tell: I think it’s all a bit too centered around hit songs and single artists, so we hope to up the presence of bands and get our audience interested in stuff they don’t necessarily know of from before. That goes for Viva Sounds, but also for all things we do over the year.

What comes to your mind first, when thinking about Austrian music?
Opus and “Life is life”, as I just saw a documentary about that song… I wish I could have a more cool answer but I don’t. Sorry.

What are you looking for at Waves Vienna? What do you expect from the Conference?

Mattias Tell: We’ve had bands play Austria before, in Graz, with the best promoter ever (Ron, listen up!) and in Vienna, and The Bongo Club had a song on the FM4 Chart last year. So I’d say we hope to meet people interested in doing things together with the indie businesses and artists we work with, and of course check a whole lotta music out.

Waves Vienna Music Festival & Conference 2019
September 26.-28., 2019
Festival Pass: 47 Euro (until 31.7.), 55 Euro (until 26.9);
Conference Pass: 55 Euro, Conference Ticket Walk Up Rate: 65 Euro;
Pro Pass (Festival & Conference): 99 Euro

For further information:
Susanna Fellner, susanna.fellner[at]wavesvienna.com, T +43 1 952 27 98-0

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