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Lang, Klaus

Kaus Lang © Klaus Lang (privat)

Klaus Lang (*1971 Graz / Austria) lives in Steirisch Lassnitz (Austria). He studied composition and theory of music (with H.M. Preßl, B. Furrer and Y. Pagh-Paan) and organ. Klaus Lang loves tea and dislikes lawnmowers and Richard Wagner. Klaus Lang’s music is … read more »

Lauermann, Lukas

Lukas Lauermann, Portraitfoto © Andreas Jakwerth

One thing can be said about the musician Lukas Lauermann: he is one of the most versatile and busiest artists in Austria. Lauermann’s participation in previous projects is proof that he feels at home in a wide variety of musical surroundings. Whether … read more »

Maierhofer-Lischka, Margarethe

Maierhofer Lischka Margarethe © Hanna Fasching

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, born 1984 in Regensburg, is a double bassist, improviser, researcher and sound artist. Besides being an active ensemble musician, she collaborates with artists from all fields, creating performances, radio art and sound installations. She is a member of several initiatives … read more »

Maja Osojnik

Maja Osojnik © Ramón Follente

Maja, 1976 born in Slovenia, lives and works in Vienna, Austria as a singer, composer, improvising electroacoustic musician and sound artist, mostly using voice, paetzold bass recorders, own field recordings, DJ-CD, tapes and other lo-fi electronic devices, toys, trash and found objects. … read more »

Mallaun, Martin

Martin Mallaun © Werner Krepper

Martin Mallaun is continually in search of new tonal and stylistic forms of expression for the zither. This quest has led him into such different areas as contemporary music, Baroque lute music, free improvisation and traditional Alpine music. In addition to cooperating … read more »

Meier, Manuela

Manuela Meier. Portraitfoto © Axie Breen

Manuela Meier studied Composition and Accordion at the University of Music in Graz and Queen’s University Belfast (UK). She is currently undertaking PhD studies in Composition at Harvard University under the supervision of Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku, where she also works … read more »


Names (c) Andreas Hechenberger

Founded in Salzburg by students from the University Mozarteum, the New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg – NAMES for short – focuses on classical contemporary composers of the 20th century and on premiering works by younger composers. NAMES put eras and trends … read more »

Neuwirth, Olga

Olga Neuwirth © Lukas Beck

Olga Neuwirth was born in Graz, Austria, in 1968. She studied at the Academy of Music in Vienna and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. During her stay in the States she also attended an art college, where she studied painting and … read more »


Nimikry © Svetlana-Selezneva

Behind Nimikry are the composer and flutist Alessandro Baticci and the composer, violist and inventor Rafal Zalech. Rather than ignoring classical instruments, the duo attempts to expand their potential, with the help of innovative technologies, utilising them in new ways. The band … read more »

oenm (Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik)

oenm (c) Markus Sepperer

The oenm (oesterreichisches ensemble für neue musik) has been around for 40 years and established itself as one of the leading ensembles for music of the 20th and 21st centuries. From its home base in Salzburg, it gathers top musicians from eleven … read more »