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Palme, Pia

Pia Palme (c) Maria Frodl

Pia Palme is a composer, musician, festival founder and interdisciplinary project designer. She once casted a 100 person choir for the premiere of an experimental composition. Since 2007 she has been doing internationally pioneering work with a completely newly developed sub-bass. In … read more »


Platypus Ensemble, Foto © Igor Ripak

The Ensemble Platypus is a young and energetic formation in the field of contemporary music, which started originally as an initiative by young composers. The Ensemble Platypus represents a logical consequence and a natural development of ideas and idealisms already propelling the … read more »


PNEUMA are Jakob Gnigler, Robert Pockfuß, Christine Gnigler and Bernhard Höchtel. Each member is involved in different musical projects. In Pneuma the four musicians are focussing on contemporary composition and improvised music. Coming from baroque music, free jazz, noise, a capella and … read more »


Polwechsel (c) Pressefoto

The quartet Polwechsel, founded by Werner Dafeldecker and Michael Moser – and after some changes in the line-up now since 2004 include Burkhard Beins and Martin Brandlmayr – is said to be one of the most stringent and radical ensembles at the … read more »

Preinfalk, Gerald

Gerald Preinfalk © Gerald Preinfalk

Gerald Preinfalk started playing the clarinet at early age. The Saxophone became a vocation when discovering Vienna’s various scenes for music. Studies of Jazz- and Classical-Saxophone opened a wide range of activities. Gueststudies in Boston (USA) and Paris completed this constant curiosity. … read more »

Proy, Gabriele

Proy, Gabriele © Roland Hille

Vienna-born Gabriele Proy is one of Austria’s best-known contemporary composers. In 2013 she received the Music Award of the City of Vienna, the city’s highest honour for music. From 2001 until 2013 Gabriele Proy was the President of the European Forum Klanglandschaft, … read more »

Resch, Gerald

Foto: www.georglembergh.com

Gerald Resch studied composition with Michael Jarrell, as well as musicology, philosophy and art history at the university in Vienna. Study visits in Cologne, Berlin, Paris and Rome encouraged his musical poetics, which integrate diverse influences from non-musical disciplines (architecture, geology, linguistics, … read more »


Ressi/Benes (c) Silvio Rether

RESSI/BENES – Christof Ressi and Szilard Benes pursue the idea of confrontation of extreme psychological states by the means of music and media art. The instrumental sound of the bass clarinet dynamically interacts with electronics, video and body movement and lets the … read more »

Schallfeld Ensemble

Schallfeld (c) Wolfgang Siveri

Founded in 2013 by former students of the Performance Practice in Contemporary Music (PPCM) programme of the Klangforum Wien at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, the Schallfeld Ensemble comprises musicians from eight countries. The repertoire relies primarily on … read more »

Schinwald, Reinhold

Reinhold Schinwald (c) Daniel Wolf

Reinhold Schinwald studied electrical and audio engineering at Graz University of Technology and composition with Beat Furrer and Pierluigi Billone (graduated with distinction) as well as music theory with Christian Utz, Clemens Gadenstätter and Georg Friedrich Haas at the University of Music … read more »