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Landl, Willi

Willi Landl © Rania Moslam

Willi Landl ‘s music is settled somewhere between art song and pop song in German language, is not afraid of emotional closeness and is yet never pathetic, is humorous, but never comedic, sometimes profound and yet never heavy. The composer and singer … read more »

Lauermann, Lukas

Lukas Lauermann, Portraitfoto © Andreas Jakwerth

One thing can be said about the musician Lukas Lauermann: he is one of the most versatile and busiest artists in Austria. Lauermann’s participation in previous projects is proof that he feels at home in a wide variety of musical surroundings. Whether … read more »

Little Rosies Kindergarten

Little Rosies Kindergarten

On its eponymous debut album, Little Rosies Kindergarten is trying to tread new and formerly unexplored paths. The big band’s expansive pieces run the gamut from minimalistic to broad, from quiet to loud, from straight to crooked, from soft to energetic, from … read more »


Lohninger & Fischbacher - (c) Dalea Studios

For more than 20 years Elisabeth Lohninger and Walter Fischbacher have been making music together. Living in New York. Touring in Europe, Japan, the Middle East. A plethora of projects and albums lie between their first duo album, “Austrian LiedGood”, and their … read more »

Löschel, Hannes

Hannes Löschl, Portraitfoto © J. Novohradsky

Nothing musical is alien to him: contemporary avant-garde and jazz, rock, live electronics, or improvisational experiments beyond the categories belong to the habitat of the pianist, composer, bandleader and record label owner Hannes Löschel. The tone and sound material on his CD … read more »

Mario Rom’s Interzone

Mario Roms Interzone © Severin Koller

Many will already be familiar with the young Austrian trio Mario Rom’s INTERZONE. Mario Rom (trumpet), Lukas Kranzelbinder (bass) und Herbert Pirker (drums) are a promising band on the young, wild, European jazz scene. Concert performances have already taken them around the globe to … read more »

Marktl, Klemens

Klemens Marktl, Portraitfoto, 2016 © Christine Haas

The Austrian musician Klemens Marktl is intensively and strongly committed to the exploration of the classic jazz tradition. If you listen to his music, you feel like you are catapulted into the bloom of modern jazz. Straight-ahead jazz at its best in … read more »

Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener

Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener (c) Philip Kerber

The songs of Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener do many things: they dance, they cheer and jeer, they flatter and batter, rant and rave. They heat and they hurt. And what’s more and most of all: they surprise. Music of the … read more »

Mnozil Brass

c Daniela Matejschek Bearbeitung Roman Rindberger

For two decades Mnozil Brass has been able to impress many, many music connoisseurs at home and abroad. Those who have already exprienced the combo live probably know why. A concert of the seven headed formation almost always evolves into a highly … read more »

Month of Sundays

Month of Sundays (c) Alexander Mairhofer

Month of Sundays, founded in Vienna in the spring of 2013, has been following ever since the objective of creating contemporary chamber music. In their songs, they strive for a high level of details and put the focus on a well-considered coordination … read more »