Flut © Seayou Records

It all started out with a portable VHS camera, that FLUT heavily fell in love with. Inspired by its crude and dirty 80s aesthetic, they paved the way from modern synth minimalism to tremendous stadium rock. But not only in their music, … read more »


Folkshilfe (c) Pertramer

FOLKSHILFE have long since ceased to be an insider tip in the German-speaking music scene. Since their Ö3 hits “Mir laungts” and “Hey Du”, their unmistakable style has become known in the most remote corners of Austria. Their successful run was highlighted … read more »


There’s a plethora of singers and songwriters out there and though a lot of these musicians are great many don’t manage to fully catch your attention. FREUDE is one trying to achieve just that. The young musician who is based in Vienna, … read more »


photo of Friedberg by Henry Gorse

Friedberg is an all-female-four-piece based in London, centred around singer, guitarist and master of cowbells Anna Friedberg. Their music has often been described as a blend of post-punk and alt-rock doused in alluring pop sensibilities – something that is immediately familiar, but … read more »


Cover shot Frinc by Philipp Hirtenlehner

FRINC is music from paradise. Pop mixed with nuances of Afrobeat, Reggae and World Music with german lyrics. FRINC is a full-blooded musician who has his natural home on stage. Now it’s time to let go and let yourself fall. These are … read more »

Gazelle & the Bear

The songwriting duo “Gazelle & the Bear” is presenting their debut album “Weird Shaped Clouds”, a collection of songs which playfully connects pop music, modern Jazz and Hip Hop. Stories about self-love, confrontations with oneself and others and the ongoing dance between … read more »

Good Wilson

photo of Good Wilson by Clara Gottsauner-Wolf

Good Wilson is about to take you on a smooth ride on the sunny coast in a guitar-shaped cab. Its driver will drive over your sorrows and make sure the car won’t head towards the expected. Make yourself comfortable, sink into the … read more »

Gospel Dating Service

Gospel Dating Service © Stefan Mayerhofer

Gospel Dating Service – Christoph Ertl (Keys/Vox), David Resch (Bass) and David Ruhmer (Drums) – stands for sensitive Soul, catchy choruses and groovy up-tempo rhythms. With their first album “Champagne“ and the hit Single “Red“, played by radio stations across Europe, they … read more »

Gran Bankrott

After one EP and two LPs, DIY-jack-of-all-trades Florian Tremmel says goodbye to his solo act Gran to resurrect him in the form of Gran Bankrott. The Album- which is also the title of his debut – was created mostly by himself, except … read more »


Granada © Carina Antl

What GRANADA have accomplished since their debut album in 2016 is something to be proud of. Their songs have several million plays on YouTube and Spotify. They were nominated for 2 Amadeus Awards and their charming songs were played on radio stations … read more »