Raphael Wressnig

Raphael Wressnig (c) Erwin Saidnander

Raphael Wressnig is an excellent example of the fact that there are methods and possibilities beyond conventional didactical paths to establish oneself in the music world and to draw attention to oneself on an international level. His career is slightly reminiscent of … read more »

Saint Chameleon

Saint Chameleon © Hanna Fasching

Saint Chameleon is formed of seven members from five countries: David Dresler, Kajetan Kamenjasevic, Lukas Custos, Luka Sulzer, Emiliano Sampaio, Francesco Doninelli and Thilo Seevers. It has its origins in the meeting of Lukas and Luka, in the streets of Graz in the … read more »

Schallfeld Ensemble

Schallfeld (c) Wolfgang Siveri

Founded in 2013 by former students of the Performance Practice in Contemporary Music (PPCM) programme of the Klangforum Wien at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, the Schallfeld Ensemble comprises musicians from eight countries. The repertoire relies primarily on … read more »

Simone Kopmajer

Simone Kopmajer, Portraitfoto © Christian Jungwirth

She has soul and a particular charismatic tone in her voice that gives each song that special something. Born in 1981, Simone Kopmajer already achieved at a young age what many musicians, bands and ensembles dream of – the launch of a … read more »


Sladek (c) Hanna Fasching

The guitarist and singer David Sladek part of the Styrian band SLADEK and lend his name to the trio. SLADEK´s debut album “Daydreamin” (MOD Music) was released in spring 2019. The three musicians –  David Sladek (vocals, guitar), Florian Muralter (bass) Raphael … read more »


Tribidabo (c) Reithofer Media

Listening to the tracks of this TRIBIDABO, one thing immediately stands out: genre boundaries or any other musical restrictions are completely nonexistent for the young Styrian trio. The guiding theme of the musicians Matthias Meister (saxophone, cajon), Bernd Kohlhofer (accordion) and Simon … read more »


Tubonika (c) Tubonika

TUBONIKA is a young talented duo with the successful approach to redefine the traditional folk music sound. And in doing so, Tubonika is igniting an infectious musical firework. The Styrian duo is on a quest to create something out of the ordinary … read more »


Viech (c) Gerfried Guggi

German-speaking indie-rock with an unmistakable sound of its own: energetic, edgy, danceable, suitable for parties and with poetic depth. The Upper Austrian/Styrian band VIECH definitely knows how to draw musical attention. Paul Plut (guitar, vocals), Christoph Lederhilger (drums, vocals), Martina Stranger (bass, … read more »

Wolfgang Muthspiel

Wolfgang Muthspiel © Laura Pleifer

Wolfgang Muthspiel is a musician who thrives in exploring new musical boundaries. For him, musical borders are there to be exceeded. No matter in what formation or context, the Styrian musician, born in 1965, always manages to create a highly individual musical … read more »


Yukno (c) Tim Cavadini

One thing is unmistakable: Yukno has something completely different in mind than following the beaten path. Yukno – spoken like “you know” – is a band that approaches “discreetly electronic indie pop” from a slightly different perspective. The brothers Georg and Nikolaus Nöhrer are not … read more »