picture of Peter Kutin

Peter KUTIN is a Vienna based artist. He works with sound across genres. His live-performances or installations hold a physical and psychological impact and might throw you as much off balance as they will embrace you. His live-performances or installations hold a … read more »


Following the demise of his renowned indie band Polkov, band-leader Laurenz Jandl has decided to initiate his solo-project. As LAURIE, he offers wistful and nostalgic numbers reminiscent of Coldplay, R.E.M. or Dinosaur Jr. The retro-vibe is noticeable throughout the project, brimming with straightforward … read more »

Manuela Meier

Manuela Meier. Portraitfoto © Axie Breen

Manuela Meier studied Composition and Accordion at the University of Music in Graz and Queen’s University Belfast (UK). She is currently undertaking PhD studies in Composition at Harvard University under the supervision of Chaya Czernowin and Hans Tutschku, where she also works … read more »

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka

Maierhofer Lischka Margarethe © Hanna Fasching

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, born 1984 in Regensburg, is a double bassist, improviser, researcher and sound artist. Besides being an active ensemble musician, she collaborates with artists from all fields, creating performances, radio art and sound installations. She is a member of several initiatives … read more »

Marina & The Kats

MARINA AND THE KATS do not worship the past, but they do use it with merciless intensity to create their own niche in the present. What happens when you combine the charm of nostalgia with the pulse of time? Musically, Marina and … read more »

Marko Ciciliani

Marko Ciciliani, Portaitfoto © Ciciliani

Marko Ciciliani is a composer, performer, researcher and audiovisual artist based in Austria. The focus of Ciciliani’s work lies in the composition of performative electronic music, often in audiovisual contexts. Light- or laserdesigns are often integral parts of his compositions. More recently … read more »

Matthias Loibner

MATTHIAS LOIBNER was born in Graz in 1969. Initially dedicated to the instruments piano, guitar and trumpet, at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Graz he spent several semesters studying classical composition, jazz composition and choral and orchestral conducting. Since the … read more »

Olga Neuwirth

Olga Neuwirth © Lukas Beck

Olga Neuwirth was born in Graz, Austria, in 1968. She studied at the Academy of Music in Vienna and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. During her stay in the States she also attended an art college, where she studied painting and … read more »


OXYJANE’s pop-grunge is recalling early Nineties power chords, no-frills, solid beat-keeping drums and cat screaming guitar parts. The 5 punky rock downers on Mint Condition – their debut mini-album, are chugging three-chord rock and channeling good old-fashioned angst. Oxyjane are here to … read more »

Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls are a feminist post-hardcore punk band, originally formed in London, with members from Austria, Lithuania and the UK. Now based in Austria, and touring incessantly, the band are strong advocates of freedom of movement, anti capitalism and intersectional feminism. With … read more »