Armenian Spirit © Armenian Spirit

ARMENIAN SPIRIT draws on the resources of Armenian folklore, which is often described as melancholic. In combination with modern jazz stylings and elements of classical music, works are created that could be described as “avant-garde folk jazz”. In autumn ARMENIAN SPIRIT released … read more »

Der Nino aus Wien – anniversary album

Der Nino aus Wien © Der Nino aus Wien

Although he has been around forever, it’s only just now that DER NINO AUS WIEN has gotten around to releasing a self-titled record (Problembär Records). It’s not surprising though, because it is the tenth album of the Viennese artist. One on which … read more »


Patricia Kopatchinskaja (c) ERIC MELZER

The series “mica focus” is dedicated to lectures and discussions on current topics in Austria´s contemporary music scene. In cooperation with Wien Modern, the mica focus “Concert Promotion and Risk-Taking” on November 16, 2018 aims to foster international networking. An international panel … read more »