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Surrounded by classical music from a young age, Sofie Fatouretchi aka SOFIE started learning the violin at four years old. In her teens she won a place to study at the prestigious Vienna Conservatoire, decided to leave the course early to live … read more »


Stelartronic © Stelartronic

Stelartronic is a side project of Marcus Fuereder aka Parov Stelar who is well known around the globe. Marcus Füreder was active as a DJ and producer in the club scene long before he took on the mantel of Parov Stelar and … read more »

The Clonious

The Clonious (c) Lupi Spuma

Imagine running into The Clonious, that dude equipped with hundred headphones which directly interact with his musical epicentre. He elegantly puts together the apparent inconsiderable and the clearly essential elements, subsequently he breaks –music- into rhythm + harmonies to reach a point … read more »

Trains Of Thoughts

Trains Of Thoughts

Trains of Thoughts is a combination of music and film, an impressive cinematic essay that takes us on a journey through the subway systems of several megacities around the world. Markus Kienzl, Wolfgang Frisch & Timo Novotny will take you through New … read more »


Vivin (c) Lukas Reindl

VIVIN are Ada Joachimsthaler, Franziska Kleinschmidt, and Hele Maurer, autodidacts and lovers of refined sound mixes. They blend the electronic with the acoustic, beats with live drums, synthesizer with piano, synth-bass with bass guitar. Influences range from bands such as Tame Impala … read more »


Waldeck (c) Ditz Fejer

Klaus Waldeck, usually known by his stage name of Waldeck, is a Viennese former copyright lawyer and electronica musician. Klaus Waldeck’s musical career began in Vienna, Austria. After his decision to leave law completely he moved (along with all of his electronic … read more »


Wandl © Christian Stantchev

23-year-old Vienna-resident Wandl quickly developed into one of the most progressive and interesting European producers in recent years. His early EPs “Milk”, “Soon” and his Affine Records debut „Far Way Home“ stretched out his personal vision of brainfeeder-nerdism and state of the … read more »


WURST © Niklas Von Schwarzdorn

The Austrian singer Thomas Neuwirth created the stage character Conchita Wurst in 2011. The bearded diva won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen for Austria and became a global figurehead of the LGBTI community overnight with her victory slogan “We are … read more »


ZANSHIN is a musician, sound artist and producer of electronic music from Vienna, Austria. The name “Zanshin” is a concept from Japanese martial arts and translates roughly as “omnidirectional attention”, reflecting his many inspirations and interests – correspondingly he tries to channel … read more »