The Ghost and The Machine (c) David Visnjic

In spring 2016 THE GHOST AND THE MACHINE presented themselves impressively with their self titled debut, with the new album Red Rain Tires they reach for the stars. The metallic overtones of the resonator guitar meet hypnotic bass, as well as an … read more »


Brooklyn-based group THE RUFF PACK (TRP) blends together the improvisational nature and compositional complexity of Jazz with the rustic groove and frenetic energy of Hip-Hop. TRP visualizes instrumental Hip-Hop through live instrumentation. Founded and co-lead by Stephan Kondert and Matthias ‘Pedals’ Loescher, … read more »

Thomas Gansch

THOMAS GANSCH is a musical madman in the most positive sense, an artist with a vast field of activities, an instrumentalist who always seeks new challenges and whose trademark is the openness to almost all musical forms, a musician who strives to … read more »

TREE – Vogel/Waelti/Prowaznik

In films, time and place are used to ground a story in a particular atmosphere, to give it emotional background – but they reveal little about the story itself, about its meaning or eventual resolution. The compositions of the Vienna-based ensemble Tree … read more »

Turumtay Zaric

TURUMTAY ZARIC- two cosmopolitans with Turkish and Serbian roots, Efe Turumtay and Nikola Zarić live in Vienna. From there they are touring Austria and all around the globe: Argentina, Japan, Bulgaria,Greece, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Scotland and others. To them the album’s titel … read more »

Ulrich Drechsler

Ulrich Drechsler © Aleksandar Stojkovic

Ulrich Drechsler started playing the clarinet in the marching band of his hometown in southwestern Germany at the age of nine. During his preparation for entering a classical conservatory he realized his rising interest in improvised music. Finally he studied  jazz saxophone … read more »

Verena Zeiner

Verena Zeiner is a pianist, composer, improviser and pedagogue, based in Vienna. Her studies in Music- and Movementeducation/Rhythmics, Jazzpiano and Real Time Composition brought her to Vienna, Brussels, New York and Tel Aviv. Improvisation is the main focus of her artistic works. … read more »

Vincent Pongracz

“Pongrácz is a young arranger and composer that must be taken seriously. He fortunately also plays his instrument very well.“ – Mathias Rüegg Vincent Pongrácz (born 1985 in Vienna) is an Austrian saxophone and clarinet player, composer and arranger.He graduated in 2013 at the University … read more »

Werner Zangerle

WERNER ZANGERLE is a freelance musician and composer living in Vienna. As a jazz musician, improviser and composer he draws inspiration from contemporary and historical jazz styles as well as from improvisation and contemporary music. He was taught by such great names … read more »

Willi Landl

Willi Landl © Rania Moslam

Willi Landl ‘s music is settled somewhere between art song and pop song in German language, is not afraid of emotional closeness and is yet never pathetic, is humorous, but never comedic, sometimes profound and yet never heavy. The composer and singer … read more »