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Ralph Mothwurf

Ralph Mothwurf, composer and musician, lives and works in Vienna. He studied Jazz composition and contemporary music with Christoph Cech, Carola Bauckholt and Gerd Hermann Ortler. In 2019 Mothwurf made his debut as a composer and conductor with his newly founded 22piece … read more »


“I never do it right, I’m doing it wrong” … is the concise opening line of “Kill Me Now” – as a long-time drummer, changing fronts and writing songs as a one-man-band might not be the right thing to do. But gone … read more »

Saint Chameleon

Saint Chameleon © Hanna Fasching

Saint Chameleon is formed of seven members from five countries: David Dresler, Kajetan Kamenjasevic, Lukas Custos, Luka Sulzer, Emiliano Sampaio, Francesco Doninelli and Thilo Seevers. It has its origins in the meeting of Lukas and Luka, in the streets of Graz in the … read more »


salute (c) Agnes Lloyd-Platt

It all began on the net, driven by the endless possibilities of digital music production and it’s ever increasing potential. His Soundcloud account as a digital calling card. An insider tip on the internet, a few mixes and comments later and he … read more »

Sara Filipova

For years, SARA FILIPOVA has been one of Vienna’s best-kept secrets. Her voice – capable of both whispered intimacy and full-throated acrobatics – has supported a wide variety of artists in recent years. With her solo debut, Black And White Café, Sara takes … read more »


(c) mattobserve.com

The band SATUO was formed by the classical guitarist Aron Saringer and the Finnish jazz singer Laura Korhonen in Vienna in 2011. The guitarist and banjo player Fabian Baumgartner joined in 2014. In the meantime the band has grown to include five … read more »


Scarabeusdream (c) Kurt Prinz

Scarabæusdream is an orchestra of two: Their music is a duel of piano and drums that lets grow everything at the very moment of emergence and leads to an unconditionally present collision of sound. Without conforming to any rigid framework, they go … read more »

Schmieds Puls

Schmieds Puls (c) Ina Aydogan

The trio formed around the singer, guitarist, and songwriter Mira Lu Kovacs, with Walter Singer on contrabass and Christian Grobauer on drums. They have perfected what could be called a new musical distillation, crowned by Mira Lu Kovacs distinctive, crystal-clear voice. Where … read more »


SFYA (c) Thomas Weilguny

SFYA is the joint project of singer Su Rehrl and multi-instrumentalist Marc Bruckner. SFYA, pronounced similarly to “sphere”, is an acronym for “Simply For Your Attention”, a simple and to the point invitation to focus and engage. SFYA’s sound lies somewhere between … read more »


Hip-hop und pop have always been friendly neighbours. Vienna-based Sharktank finally have them married happily ever after. What started off as a solo project of rapper Mile quickly became a band when young singer Katrin Paucz joined the studio session Mile held … read more »