Covershot AYMZ

AYMZ is the new music project of the musician previously known as Amy Wald. Before AYMZ came out as non-binary, the previous project made a name for itself in the music scene in AT & DE with German pop songs that offered … read more »


Aze by Amelie Strobl

Alone they are Beyza and Ezgi; together they form Aze. Since 2020, the duo provides us a nonchalant insight into their deepest inner selves with their sound mix between sad & sexy and charming yet playful lyrics. Aze combine all facets of … read more »

Beat Poetry Club

Beat Poetry Club © Mariano Margarit

Beat Poetry Club is a female A Capella Soul-Pop formation based in Vienna. The band combines self composed songs and extraordinary a cappella arrangements with vivid choreographies. Beat Poetry Club feels settled in a genre where Soul meets crisp Hip Hop beats and vibrant … read more »


Berglind by Paul Vincenth Schutz

BERGLIND is Giovanna Fartacek’s solo project. You might know her from her band MYNTH, which won an Amadeus Austrian Music Award in 2019. Inspired by her dreams, her experiences and everyday struggles, BERGLIND combines melancholy and poetry in her catchy, gloomy German … read more »

Bernhard Eder

Bernhard Eder by Nico Hafner

Vienna’s Bernhard Eder is known for his inspiring lyrics and distinct yet gentle voice. His music combines elements of classic and modern, mixing lo-fi acoustic, indie and psychedelic styles. He is inspired by classic artists such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Air and … read more »


BEX (c) Alexandra Stanić

BEX is an up-and-coming Viennese artist. Born in Ghana, she found her way to music partly with the help of a friend, who convinced her to pursue her passion for poetry – a passion that allowed her to begin expressing herself authentically. … read more »


photo of Bilderbuch (c) Lucas Christiansen

The story behind Bilderbuch is like a fairy-tale come true. From the humble beginnings as an under-appreciated school band in Upper Austria to international success – it’s all there. But Bilderbuch is anything but a classic rock-band, and anyone who takes a second … read more »

Brigit Störm

There are no borders in art or music – a living example of this precept is the alternative Polish-Austrian artist Brigit Störm. Her debut album entitled ‘Prophet’ was released on October 02, 2020, promoted by an atmospheric title single. Brigit Störm is … read more »


Buntspecht (c) Mona Steinmetzer

Buntspecht consists of six musicians from Vienna, writing playful lyrics for mature adults – and for adults that never grew up. Buntspecht’s concerts can aptly be described as a musical stroke of luck. Neither head, belly, nor feet can escape the rousing … read more »


Catastrophe & Cure (c) Sophie Frank

CATASTROPHE&CURE have been at the top of their game for almost a decade. Since the release of their debut album Like Crazy Doves – which earned them Austria’s most recognised music prize, the FM4 Amadeus Award – in 2012, the band has … read more »