Austrian Heartbeats at Primavera Pro 2019


Primavera  Pro is a convention aimed at music industry professionals and is organised together with the Primavera Sound Festival. The trendsetting character of the festival has marked Barcelona as a strategic meeting point for cultural exchange between Europe, North America and Latin America. Primavera Pro 2019 takes place from May 29 until June 2, celebrating its 10th anniversary. 

Primavera Pro offers the ideal setting to channel synergies between professionals from different areas of the sector and is the perfect opportunity to expand networks and soak up the latest trends in the international music scene.

5K HD © Ingo Pertramer
5K HD © Ingo Pertramer

Austrian Music Export is part of Primavera Pro 2019 hosting an Austrian Heartbeats Reception on May 30. On board is the marvellous Austrian band 5K HD, fronted by Martin Eberle (trumpets), Benny Omerzell (keys), Manu Mayr (bass) and Lukas König (drums) and the versatile singer Mira Lu Kovacs (vocals).

At Primavera Pro Conference one can learn from the best. If you are interested to get to know more about Austrian Music Export, our tasks and our experiences in music business, you may register for a mentoring session with Franz Hergovich.

Austrian Heartbeats  Schedule


  • 12:30 – 13:30h –  Austrian Heartbeats Reception
  • 12:40 – 13:10h – 5K HD
  • 16:00 – 17:00h – Mentoring Session 8 w/ Fernando Prados (AIE), Franz Hergovich (Austrian Music Export), Gerard de Lucas (Lawyer) @ CCCB (Hall)


  • 23:00 – 23:40h – 5K HD


The Austrian supergroup 5K HD plays with partly acoustic, partly electronic sounds and without ever losing sight of a pop sensibility while moving fluently through jazz, dubstep, breakbeats, funk and even into a prog rock escalation. Their singer Mira Lu Kovacs (Schmieds Puls) is regarded as one of the most expressive voices in the scene. 5K HD released their debut “And To In A” to international critical acclaim, followed by lauded performances and sold out shows all over Europe.

In April 5K HD released their very latest song “In, Out” (Ink Music). Magnificent structures are built up and then suddenly smashed and deconstructed – be it joyfully or painful, 5K HD are always super precise. The release of “In, Out” led radio FM4 publish a review entitled “Why 5K HD is one of the best bands in the country.” Best thing is if you go and see for yourself. Primavera Pro 2019 offers two chances. Pretty sure, “In, Out” gives us a glimpse of what their next album will be like, which is due to be released in autumn 2019.


Learn from the best! Or simply make the most of this chance to learn the tricks of the trade that only experience teaches you or to resolve any doubts that you may have. This is the objective of the mentoring sessions, short meetings, together with two other people, with some of the most outstanding professionals from the music industry who are participating in Primavera Pro. Agents, bookers, festival programmers, institutions… What is your field?

Speakers: Fernando Prados (AIE), Franz Hergovich (Austrian Music Export), Gerard de Lucas (Lawyer)
Time & Venue: 30 May 2019 / 16:00 – 17:00 / CCCB (Hall) Find more

Austrian Heartbeats at Primavera Pro 2019 is supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Madrid.


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