M 185

M 185 is guitar music between acoustic feedback and repetition,  simple beauty, and sometimes charmingly circumstantial complexity whic meets great storytelling of  wonderfully detached stories. M185 Attics (Radio Edit) http://www.m185.org

Francis International Airport

“And the worst is over” the choir is chanting in the second singleAmnesiacstaken from the forthcoming album In The Woods. And admittedly, one could see and feel the band’s relief after they had completed their latest piece of work. Recording the new … read more »

Trouble Over Tokyo

The British-born Christopher Taylor, a.k.a. Trouble Over Tokyo, brought attention to himself in spring 2007, as a support artist for the local indie-pop band Garish. The question is, why would he choose the Alpine republic as a playground for his indie-soul-electro-pop music? … read more »

Ogris Debris

Ogris Debris, the Viennese electronic duo, is conquering the dance floors of international clubs with their somewhat unconventional, but very distinctive and fresh mix of techno and house music. Even though they have not produced an album yet, the two have already … read more »

Fatima Spar and The Freedom Fries

Fatima Spar’s roots lie in Turkey, but she was born in Hohenems, Vorarlberg, as Nihal Sentürk. Meanwhile, the jazz musician lives in Vienna and has made a name for herself with her band The Freedom Fries. Originally, Fatima Spar and The Freedom … read more »

Einklang Records

39 CDs in eleven years is a lot for a record label that has devoted itself to experimental sound art. Reason enough to get to the bottom of this artistic success story.The Mittersill Composers’ Forum as an organization (or rather: facilitator) and … read more »

Wolfgang Reisinger

The Austrian and international jazz scene would not be the same without the drummer, composer and producer Wolfgang Reisinger. For nearly 40 years, he has constantly dedicated himself to new challenges in the music business, working with various formations and constellations. Most … read more »


Traditional folk music in a completely new context – this is the concept of the trio Netnakisum. Reading the name of the Styrian formation from back to front spells nothing other than the word ‘musicians’ in German. And brilliant musicians they are, … read more »

Christina Nemec

Christina Nemec is a genuine example of an unconventional thinker. A free spirit, who emphatically refuses to submit to established rules. She is an artist that goes her own way, pursuing her own ideas and standing up for them. She is one … read more »

G-Stone Recordings

Hardly any other record company is associated with the big Viennese electronic music hype in the end of the nineties as much as the independent label G-Stone Recordings, founded in 1994 by the two music producers and DJs Richard Dorfmeister and Peter … read more »