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Lukas Koenig. Portraitfoto © Lukas Gansterer

Lukas König’s solo project Kœnig has turned away from classical jazz structures to focus more on rap, bass synthesizers, noise and choirs. His interest in working with drums and synthesizers and the genre mix of pop, hip hop, Gamelan and Gnawa has … read more »


Peter KUTIN is a Vienna based artist. He works with sound across genres. His live-performances or installations hold a physical and psychological impact and might throw you as much off balance as they will embrace you. His live-performances or installations hold a … read more »

La Sabotage

La Sabotage (c) Marlene Fally

Marlene, Nele and Sara got to know each other and their instruments in 2015 at the pink noise Girls Rock Camp in Linz. In 2017, they released their first 7“ with the Viennese label Fettkakao – followed by the debut album „FEST“ … read more »

Lea Santee

Lea Santee © Tobias Pichler

Lea Santee consists of the singer-songwriter Lea Stöger and the producer Manuel Hosp.  In 2013 they both found each other and started creating songs together. Originally rooted in the indie-rock corner, the two have joined forces as a duo to create electro-pop … read more »



How urban and cosmopolitan their music might sound, LEYYA actually hail from a small village in the Upper Austrian countryside. Marco Kleebauer and Sophie Lindinger left early musical projects behind to form LEYYA in 2014 and immediately got a lot of attention. Enthusing the … read more »

Low Potion

Low Potion (c) Ben Raneburger

The Tyrolean duo LOW POTION, consisting of Anna Widauer (vocals & percussions) and Chris Norz (beats, keyboard & percussions), presents multifaceted music, that is based on the “lowlights” of life. Their debut-release “Silk Blue” offers musical refinement and sonic adventures while escaping … read more »

Mermaid & Seafruit

MERMAID & SEAFRUIT is the collaborative project of Magdalena Chowaniec and Markus Steinkellner. Together they take us on a ferocious trip through various musical styles. The straight forward vocals reflect on our society, body and gender politics and the emotional abyss of … read more »


Mieux (c) Oliver Hofmann

Mieux is what happens when two of Austria’s most forward thinking producers leave the analytic mode out of the equation. Starting out as a fun project dedicated to the tweaking of r’n’b and rap classics, Mieux soon discovered that they’d distilled a … read more »


Monophobe is an aspiring and highly talented musician, beatmaker, and producer from Austria. The genres he is operating in are quite diverse, from Electronica to delicate Future R’n’B and crispy Bass Music. His debut EP “Throwback” was released in December 2015 via Shash … read more »


MOTSA © Christina Linher

MOTSA is an idiosyncratic electronic sound tinkerer who also likes to push stylistic boundaries in his music. MOTSA (alias Valerio Dittrich) – born to both Austrian and Russian parents, grown up in Scotland and now living in Vienna – loves to dance … read more »