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GISCHT © David Višnjič

GISCHT aka Ursula Winterauer lives and works as a musician, producer and curator in Vienna. She co-founded the label Ventil Records in 2014 and works on the distribution and realization of artistic projects in the field of soundart and advanced electronic music ever … read more »



Where will the journey go for GODS, the elusive band and art collective based between Berlin, Germany and Cardiff, UK? The band’s self titled debut record, released earlier this year on Viennese label Wohnzimmer records, delivers a thematic blend of sex, war, … read more »

Gudrun Von Laxenburg

Gudrun Von Laxenburg, 2016 © UAF Music

They look as unlikely as their name sounds. Which is no surprise if you know how their project came into being, on a drunken and loud New Year’s Eve. During this changeover, from the year 2008 to 2009, in Vienna, Daniel Helmer … read more »


HVOB (c) Andreas Jakwerth

Founded in 2012, HVOB belong to one of the most exciting Austrian pop discoveries of the past few years. Initially only known to a small circle of music connoisseurs, HVOB’s music career soon took off in breathtaking speed. The songs of Anna Müller … read more »

Inner Tongue

Inner Tongue, Portraitfoto 2017 © Helmut Berger

The slightly electronic and dreamily hypnotic “pop with depth” of Inner Tongue is that of a very reserved, reduced, and thus intimate character. There are no grand gestures here, although quite a lot happens between the synths, melancholy guitar lines and simple … read more »

James Hersey

James Hersey (c) Mahir Jahmal

James Hersey is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from Vienna, who writes his own lyrics, plays multiple instruments, produces his own albums and even directs his own videos. Already at the age of 17, he independently produced his first self-titled EP, which celebrated its first radio plays in Austria … read more »

Julian & der Fux

Julian und der Fux, Bandfoto 2016 © Tiana Katinka

The two Viennese producers Julian Hruza and Dominic Plainer, aka Lupo, aka Der Fux, knew each other for a while before they decided to launch the duo project Julian & Der Fux in 2012. The first single “Speckbrot” and its video (featured at … read more »

Jung an Tagen

Jung An Tagen © Milica Balubdzic

“Barely adhering to established syntaxes of rhythm, melody, and timbre, Jung An Tagen seems to want to rewrite the rule book when it comes to electronic music. He’s off to a hell of a start.” The Wire By using synthesis and sampling … read more »


KIDS N CATS (c) Luise Reichert

Kids n Cats are an electronic pop quartet from Vienna. Originally founded by Jeanne Nickels, Peter Paul Aufreiter and Marten Kaffke in 2014, Kids n Cats have been combining a variety of musical influences to create their own special form of superpop. A weird, … read more »



The band project of the Salzburg producer duo Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held hardly needs any introduction. In 2012 their hit single “Sonnentanz” took the world by storm and brought them instant international fame. The single consistently ranked in the top of the … read more »