Madame Baheux

Madame Baheux by Igor Ripak

The quartet is musically open to all genres, which shows in both the repertoire and the artistic expression of this band: Rousing folk songs from Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia with innovative arrangements and their own clever compositions, combined with songs by  … read more »

Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener

Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener (c) Philip Kerber

The songs of Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener do many things: they dance, they cheer and jeer, they flatter and batter, rant and rave. They heat and they hurt. And what’s more and most of all: they surprise. Music of the … read more »

Mavi Phoenix

photo of Mavi Phoenix (c) Tereza Mundilova

Mavi Phoenix is the person current music pessimists are pinning their hopes on. Originally from Linz, he has been conquering the international stages every year more and more. His sound moves fluidly between rap, r’n’b and contemporary pop. “The Fader” described him … read more »

Onk Lou

Onk Lou, Foto © Bernhard Kaufmann

The man is the definition of a musical entertainer. Positive energy combined with a sympathetic nature who needs no time to get the audience on his side. But it isn’t just his authentic performance that has scored points for the Lower Austrian … read more »

Peter Rosmanith

Peter Rosmanith

PETER ROSMANITH studied jazz drumming and percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. He eventually discovered non-european music. Indian, Arabic, and Afro-Cuban music particularly caught his attention. His instruments range from the African Balaphone, the Arabic frame drum, … read more »

Richard Koch

RICHARD KOCH is a trumpet player and composer born in Austria, based in Germany, outside of Berlin. He plays with artists like Nils Frahm (‘All Melody’), Jimi Tenor, Hermeto Pascoal, Peter Fox and the Beatsteaks. His wide musical range goes from Jazz … read more »


SFYA (c) Thomas Weilguny

SFYA is the joint project of singer Su Rehrl and multi-instrumentalist Marc Bruckner. SFYA, pronounced similarly to “sphere”, is an acronym for “Simply For Your Attention”, a simple and to the point invitation to focus and engage. SFYA’s sound lies somewhere between … read more »

Sophie Abraham

Sophie Abraham (c) Julia Wesely

In her first solo cello programme Sophie Abraham combines elements from classical pieces with her own compositions. Musically she expands the sound space of the cello with her voice, her languages (Dutch, German, English), with loops, montages and overlays. The result is … read more »

Stefan Sterzinger

Stefan Sterzinger (c) Roland Renner

STEFAN STERZINGER, secret genius, elder statesman, godfather of craziness, grandseigneur, apothecary of anarchy are just a few titles the local music press has bestowed on the Viennese singer, songwriter and accordion player over the years. He performs the material of his respective … read more »

Thomas Gansch

THOMAS GANSCH is a musical madman in the most positive sense, an artist with a vast field of activities, an instrumentalist who always seeks new challenges and whose trademark is the openness to almost all musical forms, a musician who strives to … read more »