Fijuka - © Helen Parkes

The good thing about pop music is that even when you think it has all been done before, there are always surprising new acts that leave you in awe. This is exactly the case with the Viennese duo Fijuka. The self-titled debut … read more »


Evolving from a naturally gifted instrumentalist to full-fledged auteur, filous – the alter-ego of 23-year old Viennese producer Matthias Oldofredi — has always been something of an enigma, driven by an incessant curiosity and a need for discovery. First showcasing his unusually inquisitive … read more »

First Gig Never Happened

First Gig Never Happened (c) Werner Fitzthum

First Gig Never Happened – Lisa Hofmaninger and Judith Schwarz (both chuffDRONE) and their congenial partner on the piano, Alexander Fitzthum, delve deeply into the music of legends such as Charles Mingus and Thelonious Sphere Monk. They bow to their genius and virtuosity, but … read more »

Florence Arman

Florence Arman is an established singer/songwriter who is now launching her career as a solo artist. She is no stranger to the international pop scene, having worked with artists such as The Kooks, Barns Courtney, Rhys Lewis, G-Flip, Crystal Fighters, filous, Harry … read more »


Folkshilfe (c) Pertramer

FOLKSHILFE have long since ceased to be an insider tip in the German-speaking music scene. Since their Ö3 hits “Mir laungts” and “Hey Du”, their unmistakable style has become known in the most remote corners of Austria. Their successful run was highlighted … read more »

Franz Hautzinger

Franz Hautzinger, Portraitfoto © Clara Zalan

Franz Hautzinger is a musician who has never allowed any restrictions to get in the way of his own creativity. Always preserving artistic freedom as the top priority, the trumpeter, composer and improviser continuously creates his own musical world, where the boundaries … read more »

Fräulein Hona

Fräulein Hona

Fräulein Hona stands for finest acoustic folk music with depth and feeling. The songs of the Vienna-based band have something very original about them, something very genuine and authentic, which in terms of depth is hard to find in the folk context. … read more »


There’s a plethora of singers and songwriters out there and though a lot of these musicians are great many don’t manage to fully catch your attention. FREUDE is one trying to achieve just that. The young musician who is based in Vienna, … read more »

Friedrich Cerha

Composer FRIEDRICH CERHA, born in Vienna in 1926, has long been considered one of the most important Austrian composers of our time. In 1958, he founded the Vienna-based ensemble die reihe. Cerha directed die reihe, an ensemble comprised of gifted soloists, for … read more »

Gabriele Proy

Proy, Gabriele © Roland Hille

Vienna-born Gabriele Proy is one of Austria’s best-known contemporary composers. In 2013 she received the Music Award of the City of Vienna, the city’s highest honour for music. From 2001 until 2013 Gabriele Proy was the President of the European Forum Klanglandschaft, … read more »