Gasmac Gilmore

Gasmac Gilmore, Bandfoto 2015/2016 © Gasmac Gilmore

For many years now Gasmac Gilmore belong to the most successful bands of the Austrian rock scene. A triumph, if you look at the fast pace in today’s music world. Many bands have emerged and quickly disappeared from the scene. Gasmac Gilmore … read more »

Gazelle & the Bear

The songwriting duo “Gazelle & the Bear” is presenting their debut album “Weird Shaped Clouds”, a collection of songs which playfully connects pop music, modern Jazz and Hip Hop. Stories about self-love, confrontations with oneself and others and the ongoing dance between … read more »

Gin Ga

Gin Ga

One should be careful with superlatives, but there are a lot of good things to be said when it comes to the band GIN GA. Highly acclaimed by fans and critics, GIN GA’s music has been tremendously well received beyond Austrian borders. … read more »

Gina Schwarz

“Schwarz’s compositions are thoughtful and clever, making good use of stylistic range by highlighting the timbral strengths of different sections of the ensemble!” Downbeat, USA, May 2020 Jazz bassist and composer Gina Schwarz studied jazz-bass and accordeon at the Jazz Conservatory Vienna, … read more »


GISCHT © David Višnjič

GISCHT aka Ursula Winterauer lives and works as a musician, producer and curator in Vienna. She co-founded the label Ventil Records in 2014 and works on the distribution and realization of artistic projects in the field of soundart and advanced electronic music ever … read more »

Global Groove LAB

Global Groove Lab, Bandfoto © Bernhard Mayr

On their debut album “I’m a Stranger”, the members of Global Groove Lab skillfully break all stylistic rules. Experimenting with sounds, rhythms, and harmonies in their lab and expressing different authentic cultural experiences, the musicians blend traditional with modern influences and grooves. … read more »

Golnar & Mahan

photo of Golnar & Mahan by Ina Aydogan

Golnar & Mahan’s debut album “Derakht” (Lotus Records) is a musical experience that gently and beautifully transports you to another distant dimension. One in which Golnar &  Mahan  create world music of dignified beauty, one that captivates from the very first second. … read more »

Golnar Shahyar

Golnar Shahyar is an Iranian/Canadian vocalist, bandleader, performer, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Vienna and Berlin. She is considered to be one of the most innovative and creative performers and songwriters of her generation, whose work is redefining the mainstream sonic identities … read more »

Good Wilson

Good Wilson (c) Gabriel Hyden

Günther Paulitsch, Alex Connaughton, Mario Fartacek and Julian Pieber – known from bands such as Mynth, Polkov or Shaun Berkovits together form Good Wilson. The four-piece band invented the genre “Sky Gaze” to describe their music, to fill in a blank space … read more »

Gospel Dating Service

Gospel Dating Service © Stefan Mayerhofer

Gospel Dating Service – Christoph Ertl (Keys/Vox), David Resch (Bass) and David Ruhmer (Drums) – stands for sensitive Soul, catchy choruses and groovy up-tempo rhythms. With their first album “Champagne“ and the hit Single “Red“, played by radio stations across Europe, they … read more »