Portrait of Soia by Ina Aydogan

Soia’s music is diverse. You can hear jazz samples and world music sounds, sophisticated hiphop beats, deep bass, experimental electronics, broad and enveloping lounge sounds, elements of funk and a whole lot of soul. Soia aka Sophia Hagen, who was born in … read more »

Sophia Blenda

Sophia Blenda Press pic by Michael Wuermerby

Sophia Blenda is the alter ego of Sophie Löw, the 26-year-old singer/songwriter whose distinctive voice and remarkable lyrics have so far made her best known as the singer of the Viennese indie rock band Culk. Now Löw enters the public eye as … read more »

Square Waltz

Square Waltz (c) Birgit Weinstabl

Think about anything you would expect from a Vienna Waltz ensemble – and then forget it all. Square Waltz squares the triangle, pushes circles into ellipses, and transforms any pyramid into a Vienna Cathedral-shaped thingy. Handmade music from Vienna, driven by the … read more »


srsly (c) Maro Moves

SRSLY is born in Austria and has roots in Brazil. As crazy as this mixture sounds, as crazy the project srsly (yes, lower case letters it is) actually is. With his experienced and energetic DJ-Sets, the producer really knows how to control … read more »

Stefan Sterzinger

Stefan Sterzinger (c) Roland Renner

STEFAN STERZINGER, secret genius, elder statesman, godfather of craziness, grandseigneur, apothecary of anarchy are just a few titles the local music press has bestowed on the Viennese singer, songwriter and accordion player over the years. He performs the material of his respective … read more »

Stephie Hacker

The new project of the young Viennese pianist, singer and composer Stephanie Hacker melts personal feelings with unaffected words and transparent music into a compilation of touching songs. The musician, educated in classical music and jazz, takes influences of these styles and … read more »


Strings & Noise © Julia Wesely

Cellist Maiken Beer and the violinist/violist Sophia Goidinger-Koch founded the duo strings&noise in 2015. The goal of these musician friends is to free their string instruments from the romantic context and, in doing so, to reflect on stereotypical role models for female … read more »

Studio Dan

Studio Dan (c) Julia Wesely

Studio Dan was founded by the trombonist and composer Daniel Riegler in 2005 as part of Vienna’s first JazzWerkstatt festival. The name of the 17-member ensemble alludes to Frank Zappa‘s album “Studio Tan” and is at the same time a nod to … read more »

Susanna Gartmayer

Composer/improviser/performer; bass clarinet/contra alto clarinet/alto saxophone She works in the fields of “multi-ideomatic“ improvisation, experimental rock, contemporary music and multi-media sound research. Susanna Gartmayer studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna and the Glasgow School of Arts and was self-taught in … read more »

Susanna Ridler

Susanna Ridler by Helene Waldner

When trying to put Susanna Ridler’s music into words, the description that her music is a very modern and cross-genre interpretation of the concept of fusion music seems to be appropriate.  In her compositions Susanna Ridler tries to build bridges between different … read more »