Bunny Lake

A few years ago nobody really thought that a formation like Bunny Lake  could establish itself as head of the local pop scene. The tracks of the early days which boomed from the speakers were too raw and rough, and the protagonists … read more »

Portrait: Peter Androsch (Composer)

Peter Androsch is a prolific Austrian composer of numerous styles and genres, who last year, for the Linz European Cultural Capital 2009 celebrations, took on a different hat as artistic director of the category “music” and found himself discussing noise free zones … read more »

Portrait: Klaus Lang

Buch Asche has recently premiered at Theater Bonn (June 6, 10, 26, July 10),  a commission from the Fonds Experimentelles Musiktheatre for a collaborative opera with Claudia Doderer, Händl Klaus and Klaus Lang.  This has been a 3 year project in the … read more »

A Portrait of Christian Fennesz

Serenity and euphoria—Christian Fennesz is Austria’s claim to fame in matters of advanced electronic music. His solo works cause a sensation internationally; his collaborations with Mike Patton or Ryuichi Sakamoto are the topic of much discussion. So this is the attempt at … read more »


The Austrian Cultural Forum New York, the Argento New Music Project, Mica Music Austria, and the Czech Center New York present MOVING SOUNDS – a festival devoted to sound and its roles in contemporary music. (1-5 September, 2010) As in Moving Sounds … read more »