Portrait: Wiener Tschuschenkapelle

For the past two decades the Wiener Tschuschenkapelle has played an integral part of Austria’s music history. This unique formation has taken up the cause of peacefully coexisting with different cultures and serving as a musical ambassador of the local music scene … read more »

Portrait: Kairos

No less than eleven times the record label Kairos received the award of the German Record Critics. Besides several other honorable mentions, the Diapasson d’or can also be found almost half a dozen times in the list of the awards on the … read more »

Building Bridges: MoZuluArt

There are music projects that easily fall out of the ordinary by following approaches that do not correspond with usual conventions and positively differentiate themselves from the rest. The formation MoZuluArt definitely belongs to this category. The protagonists of MoZuluArt practice an … read more »