Portrait Georg Nussbaumer (Composer)

There is a lot going on in Austria’s contemporary music scene.  Mainly responsible for this development is a new generation of composers, who expand the spectrum of contemporary music with many never-before-heard facets. In the coming weeks mica – music austria wants … read more »

Soundings: More than Mahler

Soundings, now in its seventh year, is the ACF London’s platform for contemporary music. It brings together composers and musicians from Austria and the UK for workshops and concerts. The concert on the 24th November 2010 at The Forge in London features … read more »

Sound Park Austria 4: World Music

Once again, visitors will be able to experience another exciting Sound Park Austria session at The Forge. This new event series was initiated by the Austrian Cultural Forum London, aiming to stimulate the creative exchange between Austrian and British musicians whose repertoire … read more »

Electric Indigo

Not too long ago, women had a hard time breaking new grounds in the still male-dominated DJ scene. A pioneer of this development was Susanne Kirchmayr, who decided in the mid-nineties to try the  “unthinkable” and pursue a career as a female … read more »

Austria´s Young Composers: Peter Jakober

Premiering on the 7 October at the TU Graz, as part of the “Sterischer Herbst” was Peter Jakober’s Puls 4 für 35 Röhren where he has just received the Andrzej-Dobrowolski composition scholarship from Styria.  This piece was written for Constantin Luser’s sculptural … read more »

Koehne Quartet

In our country, it is not only the composers that contribute to contemporary music, but also orchestras and ensembles performing in local and international concert venues. In this sense, Austria is in a fortunate position and offers many internationally renowned ensembles in … read more »

WOMEX 2010

Once again Austrian musicians and labels receive the opportunity to call attention to themselves beyond the Austrian border. From the 27th to the 31st of October 2010, the World Music Exhibition (WOMEX) will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is one of … read more »

Polyamory Sound Festival

The “Polyamory Sound Festival” (21.10 – 29.10) was created by Lukas Kranzelbinder with the aim of working with a number of musicians from various music scenes over a specific period of time.  The Festival is intended to create a basis for musical … read more »