After VIENNA MY LOVE in Warsaw, VIENNE MON AMOUR in Paris wants to continue the event series with Austrian artists and bring more attention to the current Austrian music scene. DATE: 14.06.2012 CITY: Paris (FR) VENUE: La Fleche D´Or, ARTISTS: b.fleischmann … read more »

Schmiede12: Application ends May 31st

Schmiede in a nutshell: Schmiede is a festival and community for producers. The Schmiede process focuses on three elements: network, create, present. Once a year about 140 Smiths gather in Hallein to create, present, learn and teach. Schmiede supplies space, a divers … read more »

Contemporary Music – Today?

Contemporary music is now widely established, but still represents only a small segment of  the music market and the public media. The still noticeable elitist claim of contemporary music is increasingly at odds with current trends in artistic activities. Can the concept … read more »