Lorenz Raab

Lorenz Raab is without a doubt one of the creative and innovative musicians of the local jazz scene. This is a musician who thrives in his own creative freedom and for whom the words “fear of contact” are a foreign term. There … read more »

Kollegium Kalksburg

This year the positively wacky trio Kollegium Kalksburg, constisting of Heinz Ditsch, Paul Skrepek and Wolfgang Vincenz Wizlsberger, is celebrating its 15th Anniversary as a true and indispensable institution of Viennese music. Thanks to them, traditonal Viennese songs have experienced a sort … read more »

A new and flexible system

Peter Jenner, former manager of many British Rock bands such as Pink Floyd and The Clash, nowadays manager of Billy Bragg and other artists, also founder of Sincere Management and one of the brightest and most forward-thinking persons of music-biz, talked with … read more »

Stump-Linshalm: ShortCuts

What does music sound like as we enter the twenty-first century? One answer can be found in the project ShortCuts: a unique collection of works for two clarinets or bass clarinets. This diverse array of 34 short pieces written by composers from … read more »

Heinz Karl Gruber

Composing music that translates across the boundaries of generations and social classes is a goal, which HK Gruber has set for himself. Born in 1943 in Vienna, authorities and elites in both political as well as in artistic terms have always been … read more »

Portrait: Manuela Kerer

Manuela Kerer is an Italian composer currently living in Innsbruck, who grew up in Südtirol with German as her mother tongue. Although she managed to accomplish completed studies in composition, psychology, law and violin, nothing grips her heart like music, so she … read more »

Portrait: Eva Reiter

Eva Reiter was born in Vienna and studied recorder and viola da gamba at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts.   She has a unique and varied performance practice, playing in numerous ensembles as a freelance musician in both early and contemporary … read more »

Portrait: Pierluigi Billone

Pierluigi Billone is an Italian composer born in 1960 who lives in Vienna. He studied composition with Salvatore Sciarrino and Helmut Lachenmann as well as classical guitar and chamber music.  He has been a visiting professor of composition at the Kunstuniversität in … read more »