Portrait: Karl Ritter

Karl Ritter belongs to that reserved class of musician, who continues to surprise us with his musical inventiveness and endless meanderings through traditional musical standards without ever feeling like a banal repetition of himself, or his historical predecessors. As one becomes acquainted … read more »

Portrait: Wolfram

Not far behind the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna Boys Choir, Wolfram has taken his place as the most important Austrian folk-musical-export to date. This year, the nominee for an Amadeus Award in the category best “Disco/Dance” song, the “Disco-Wolf” has a … read more »

Label Feature: Affine Records

In terms of electronic music there are fortunately a lot of new and exciting things to discover in this country. Affine Records has taken up the cause of making this fact known to a broader and international public. With success. The names … read more »

Zulu Music Meets Mozart: MoZuluArt

There are music projects that easily fall out of the ordinary by following approaches that do not correspond with usual conventions and positively differentiate themselves from the rest.

ensemble LUX

Four strings, from the clear sounds of the violin to the full tones of the cello, merge in the form of a string quartet to a homogeneous ensemble. Since the inception of classical music  the assessable number of participants has opened a … read more »