Label Feature – Ventil

Vienna is a bustling centre of experimental music. A fact that has grabbed the attention of international media even though in Austria it’s still a secret enjoyed only by insiders and initiates. Ventil Records is one of the more recent expressions of that … read more »

Label Feature: col legno

The color palette of musical styles has never been as widespread as it is today. The spectrum ranges from classical music, jazz, world music, pop, rock and electronic music in all its varieties, but at the same time this is not necessarily … read more »

Label Feature: Houztekk Records

Houztekk Recordsis a label that cannot be pigeonholed into any particular music genre. Right from the start the three label heads Maximilian Meindl, Jürgen Höglinger und Thomas Kronlachner never surrendered to any conventional practices in terms of their artist selection.

Label Feature: Editions Mego

                One of Austria’s most active labels in the selected disciplines of musical diaspora is certainly Editions Mego. Known for being synonymous with the finest experimental electronics, noise, post-industrial and improvisation, Peter Rehberg’s Vienna-based label … read more »

Label Feature: G-Stone Recordings

Hardly any other record company has been associated with the big Viennese electronic music hype of the nineties as much as the independent label G-Stone Recordings, founded in 1994 by the two music producers and DJs Richard Dorfmeister and Peter Kruder. At … read more »

Label Feature: Affine Records

In terms of electronic music there are fortunately a lot of new and exciting things to discover in this country. Affine Records has taken up the cause of making this fact known to a broader and international public. With success. The names … read more »