Otto Lechner

It is said that Otto Lechner is one of the few musicians who could bring the accordion back and make it popular in Austria again. Born in 1954 in Melk, Lower Austria, the musician turned blind in his early youth, but despite … read more »

Saint Lu

Born in the Upper Austrian City of Wels, Saint Lu is currently ambitioning to conquer the mainstream rock scene with her music. The 25 year old, who lives in Berlin, has already been hailed by the German press as a female Lenny … read more »


“My music goes through your mind, not through your legs”. This is what Eva Jantschitsch a.k.a. Gustav claims about her own work and she certainly has a point. Who doesn’t remember her song “Rettet die Wale” (in English: save the whales)? Not … read more »

Hans Theessink

If Hans Theessink were American, he would be one of those legends whose guitar playing would have influenced generations of musicians. Not that the born Dutchman does not influence people already, but for a European musician to gain worldwide recognition it requires … read more »

Ernst Molden

Just a few months ago Ernst Molden caught a lot of attention with his release “Häuserl am Oasch”. In his usual heartfelt style, the songsmith and author illuminates the depths of the Viennese soul. No matter whether if written or sung, this … read more »

Austria’s Young Composers: Manuela Kerer

There is a lot going on in Austria’s contemporary music scene. Mainly responsible for this development is a new generation of composers, who expand the spectrum of contemporary music with many never-before-heard facets. In the second part of the series “Austria’s Young … read more »