Austria’s Young Composers: Thomas Wally

The field of contemporary music currently seems to be emerging. Mainly responsible for this movement in Austria is a young generation of composers who extend the stylistic range of contemporary music with a lot of compositional creativity and unique sounding facets. This … read more »

Killed by 9Volt Batteries

In general, self-production is the starting point for a fulfilling career in music. After all, you will not be booked by agents on the spot, just because you can put on a pretty face and at least play a few decent air … read more »

Celia Mara

The local world music scene is hard to imagine without the Brazilian singer/songwriter Celia Mara. For the past years, she has consistently been an influential figure and has impressed the Austrian music world with her work, great dedication and international flair. In addition, … read more »


The fact that Ginga is a band with big potential is something that has already been known in Austria for quite some time. After their brilliant and outstanding performance at the Popfest in Vienna last year, there was no question that Ginga … read more »